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Know How Industrial AI Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

In no other sector does Artificial Intelligence have more of an impact than manufacturing, and the revolution is just beginning.


Undoubtedly that the manufacturing industry is leading the way in the application of artificial intelligence technology. From significant cuts in unplanned downtime to better-designed products, manufacturers are applying AI-powered analytics to data to improve efficiency, product quality, and employees' safety.


Manufacturing Industry And AI

Constant servicing of production line machines and facilities is a considerable manufacturing cost, with a critical influence on the bottom line of any asset-reliant production process. Besides, surveys indicate that unplanned downtime costs producers an estimated $50 billion annually and that the cause of 42 percent of this unplanned downtime is asset loss.

For this cause, predictive maintenance has become a must-have solution for producers who have a great deal to benefit by anticipating the next malfunction of a part, machine, or device. 


To devise predictions about asset malfunction, predictive maintenance uses sophisticated AI algorithms in machine learning and artificial neural networks.

This allows for a massive reduction in expensive unplanned downtime, as well as an expansion of the Residual Usable Life (RUL) of manufacturing machinery and facilities. 


In situations where maintenance is unavoidable, technicians can be briefed in advance on which parts need inspection and which equipment and procedures to be used, resulting in very focused fixes that are scheduled in advance.


What are the AI Trends you should look out for if your business is in the manufacturing sector?


The Rise Of AI - Quality 4.0

Owing to today's extremely short time-to-market deadlines and the growing complexity of goods, production firms find it increasingly difficult to retain high-quality levels and comply with quality legislation and standards.

Quality 4.0 includes the use of AI algorithms to alert manufacturing teams of evolving output defects that are likely to cause product quality problems. Faults can include differences from formulas, minor anomalies in system behavior, shifts in raw materials, and more. A high degree of consistency can be preserved by tending to these problems early on. 


Consequently, Quality 4.0 helps businesses gather information about their products' use and performance in the field. This knowledge can be powerful for product development teams to make both technical and tactical innovation choices.


Human-robot Collaboration

The International Federation of Robotics estimates that more than 1.3 million manufacturing robots will be active in factories worldwide by the end of 2018. In principle, workers will be qualified for more specialized roles in construction, repair, and programming as more and more jobs are taken over by robotics.


Human-robot cooperation will have to be successful and secure in this transitional period as more manufacturing robots join the factory floor alongside human staff. Advances in AI would be central to this development, allowing robotics to carry out more cognitive tasks and make autonomous decisions based on real-time environmental data, and further optimize processes.


Making Better Products With Generative Design

Artificial intelligence also affects the way we design things. One approach is to enter a comprehensive brief specified by designers and engineers as input to an AI algorithm (in this case, referred to as "generative design software"). The brief can contain data detailing limits and different criteria, such as content types, available manufacturing processes, budget limitations, and time constraints.


The suggested approaches will then be evaluated using machine learning to gain further insight into which designs perform well. The method can be repeated until an optimum design solution is achieved.


One of the key benefits of this method is that the AI algorithm is fully impartial – it doesn't default to what a human designer would assume to be a "logical" starting point. No conclusions are taken at face value and everything is tested according to real performance against a wide variety of development scenarios and conditions.


Adapting To An Ever-changing Market

Artificial intelligence is a key element of the Industry 4.0 transition that is not limited to using cases on the factory floor. AI algorithms may also be used to improve supply chain manufacturing, helping businesses predict industry shifts. This offers management a big benefit, going from a reactionary/response approach to a strategic one.


AI algorithms devise market demand forecasts by searching for trends connecting location, socio- conomic and macroeconomic influences, weather patterns, political status, consumer behavior, and more. 

This knowledge is invaluable to suppliers as it helps them to optimize staffing, quality management, energy usage, and the procurement of raw materials.


AI Will Continue To Transform The Manufacturing Industry

The automotive field is a perfect match for artificial intelligence applications. Even though the Revolution of Industry 4.0 is only in its early stages, we are still seeing major benefits from AI. From the design process and the manufacturing floor through the supply chain and management, AI is destined to transform forever the way we produce goods and process materials.


NDIM offers a programme on MDP on artificial intelligence in the manufacturing sector that will help you understand how new technologies are being extensively used in manufacturing to perform quality control, shorten design time, reduce materials waste, improve production reuse, perform predictive maintenance, and more. Businesses agree, the Internet of Things, when combined with AI, provides an increasingly sophisticated system of managing machines, gathering data, scheduling maintenance, and performing hitherto routine tasks, so that they can perform at par with their counterparts across the world.


This programme will help participants understand new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data. It also showcases how various Manufacturing and Production companies are using AI, AR, VR, and IoT to their advantage. Apart from this, the programme guides participants on the benefits and limitations of these technologies to understand where best to use and avoid these.


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Prevention Of Sexual Harassment At Work-Place

 The gender inequality issues have perpetually impacted our lives. Throughout time, women have been the driving power behind the strategies for gender equality. With the advent of Universalisation, the whole scenario has been changed drastically. Men have not remained the dominating ones in the working class of the community. 

Undoubtedly, women have acquired an enormous position in nearly all sectors. Unfortunately, sexual harassment at the workplace has also risen drastically over time. For this, many measures have been taken and implemented, but, it seems there is no stop for this growing nuisance in society.

"According to The Indian Constitution, when a woman is sexually harassed at the workplace, it violates her right to equality and her right to life. In 2013, The Ministry Of Women And Child Development in India passed the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, known as POSH Act. This Act aims to protect women at the workplace and provide them with a safe environment to work in." 

Many businesses are also attempting to encounter this heinous threat to women. Prevention of sexual harassment(POSH) is being introduced at workplaces, which plays a significant role in creating awareness among fellow employees and other co-workers. In today's corporate world, POSH's online training is obligatory, which could be the real guardian for the working ladies out there. It is now hugely practiced in organizations and has shown remarkable results as well.

The Online POSH Training is imperative as it empowers women with grievances with appropriate support provided for the sexual harassment at the workplace. PoSH Training enables an organisation with all the precautionary measures institutions can take to avoid any such cases from rising. Under the POSH Act, there is a clause for POSH training in corporate companies. According to this Act, all corporations having ten or more staff members must form an Internal Committee (IC).


  • Spreading Awareness

Many employees think that there might be nothing wrong with passing unsolicited comments and unwelcome favours from cube mates. Many things begin as little, but sometimes, a molehill turns into a huge mountain that can embarrass and shatter others' feelings and emotions. What is termed as “fun” for some may not be for others, and this way the work atmosphere becomes unfriendly and unhealthy. It drops the morale of employees, thus, resulting in low productivity.


  • Safe Working Environment


If every employee is aware of POSH regulations, they will remain conscious of the legalities and punishments related to every workplace harassment, organisations will be able to increase employees’ rate of abiding by PoSH laws and rules; employees will be aware of the different kinds of harassment and punishments; they will become much more serious and responsible in the office and will think twice before suggesting or doing anything inappropriate at work with any women. This creates the first step towards a safer working atmosphere too.


  • Trust and Respect


POSH  privileges the Internal IC community of an organization to take any legal disciplinary action against the molester. This will empower the women to be treated equally as other workplace employees. 



What is IC, and Who are its Members?


IC stands for the Internal Committee, which is required to be set up by the employer. The POSH Act states that an IC must aggregate a supervising officer and two members from among the staff, anyhow associated with the cause of women, and an outside member, ideally from an NGO.




Who Needs Training On The Online Certificate Programme On Posh?

  • HR professionals 

  • L&D professionals / Members from the leadership team 

  • Internal Committee members 

  • NGO representatives  

  • In-House Counsel's / legal team members 

Objectives Of The Online Certificate Programme On Posh?

The programme has been designed to help the participants to :-

  • Understand Sexual Harassment

  • Know the history of how POSH was formulated

  • Know about prevention, prohibition, and the redressal mechanism in PoSH

  • Understand how to create an Internal Committee in your organization

  • Understand the role of the Internal Committee in the redressal mechanism 

  • Understand how to work towards safe and secure workplaces

  • Learn PoSH Policies for Work-from-Home Setups

The Online Certificate Programme On Posh - Content

  • Why is POSH Training Required? 

  • Defining Sexual Harassment and offensive behaviours that can be considered harassment 

  • The statutory regulations and legal background of Sexual Harassment

  • Related Judicial Pronouncements

  • Provisions of the Act

  • Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

  • Duties and Roles of ICC

  • Third-Party Harassment

  • The elements of handling and prevention of unacceptable behaviour 

  • How to handle sexual harassment issues and complaints

  • Identifying Virtual Harassment in a Work-from-home Setup

  • Preventing & Responding to Virtual Harassment with PoSH

  • The various duties of the employer/employee to curb harassment

  • Various complications that arise while dealing with such cases

  • Mandatory Compliances

  • Case Studies

The Online Certificate Programme On Posh - Outcomes

  • Conduct Awareness Programmes for PoSH in your organization 

  • Guide your organization informing the Internal Complaints Committee

  • Help and counsel both complainant and respondent 

  • Follow all the compliance norms to avoid penalties

  • Enable your organization to have zero tolerance for sexual harassment issues

How does the Online Certificate Programme On Posh Training Help Corporates and Small Organizations?


The main benefits of conducting an online certification programme on PoSH Awareness are:-

  • It increases the level of satisfaction among the employees, and employee engagement increases way more than before.

  • The retention ratio of valuable employees will also be increased.

  • It helps in improving the quality of workplace culture.

  • Co-workers learn to respect each other.

  • If found guilty, an employer has to pay up to Rs 50,000 as a penalty. When found guilty for the second time, the penalty or punishment is usually doubled.

India Centre for Global Excellence (ICGE) provides the Online Certificate Programme On Posh Training with a proven methodology having the most syndicate presentations, group discussions, videos, and case studies. POSH's online certificate programme is tailored to deliver a case-based, active, and social Learning Experience in a highly engaging learning environment. NDIM-ICGE’s leading Faculty and top Industry Practitioners will bring their expertise and passion to the participants from across the globe. 
In 2020, Organisations have to remember that the efficient implementation of the POSH Act is vital to developing a sense of safety in the workplace that will be a contributing factor to increase in women's partnerships in all sectors. 
And, the first step towards that goal is POSH training.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Lessons from My Favourite Podcasts: How to Make 2020 the Best Year of Your Life

Early morning! My Favourite time of the day when I go for a walk or a run or a workout at the gym. I feel blessed to be alive. I am full of gratitude as I am able to invest my time in activities that I enjoy.

Every day, I start my routine with a Podcast. Daily morning dose of podcasts fill me with:
  • A big desire to achieve my full potential and Pushes me to go that extra mile
  • A deep sense of gratitude for the life wherein I feel like helping others without any expectations
  • A high level of motivation to work hard on my physical and mental health
Therefore, morning time is a blessed time for me.

My journey of learning from podcasts started 4 years back. It has changed my perspective for the way to live life, thinking pattern and level of optimism. Since I have learned so much from so many of my virtual Mentors, I consider it my duty to share some of my learning with all of you.

After listening to and analysing the common characteristics, I learnt that all my virtual mentors are:

-  Visionary – They have a vision. They know where to land in the end. They don’t negotiate with their vision and goals. I strongly believe that their vision actually provides them continuous supply of energy at all times. Their vision helps them to consistently navigate despite so many distractions.

-  In Love with their failures – You may not believe it when I tell you that all of them love their failures. They love failures (I could not understand for first few years why?). They strongly believe that if they are failing it means they are going in the right direction. Failure provides fuel to hard work. It provides impetus for a strong emotion for their cause.

- Stretching beyond their comfort zone – They are the most aggressive learners. Every day, they learn new things which may or may not help them. But definitely it helps them in broadening their perspective. They are not afraid of wasting time in learning things which may not help them in the short term. Learning new things help them expanding their comfort zone and help them in getting comfortable in new situations (uncomfortable zone).

-  Straight Shooters – These guys are blunt. My virtual mentors talk straight forward. They have lot of clarity and they trust their thinking process. In order to save time, they shoot straight. For them time is money.

-  Good team players – These guys respect their team members. They strongly believe in team work. Their ability to be working with others is much higher than a normal person.

-  Workaholics – I don’t know if I am correct in giving them this title. Actually, their vision excites them so much that most of them are thinking about their work 24x7. When you think hard enough, you are bound to get multiple solutions and most of the time better solutions. I have observed this process closely because of my close association with Japanese people.

Each and every point I have mentioned is so close to my heart and to my thought process. I wish if I could train every-one around me on the mindset/thought process I have mentioned above.

Don’t worry if you are a 50 year old executive or someone who has just started your career, don’t worry if you are a student or a budding entrepreneur. If you can start focusing your thoughts in the right direction, one day you will achieve what you are looking for what you desire.

Baby Steps to embark on one’s journey of success in 2020 and beyond-

Envision your future -  I would suggest, sit with your mentor or a person you admire and work out a goal post for yourself.

Get an invisible cloak of fearlessness - Face situations which will bring out your version of Dr. Strange’s cape - which can only happen when you stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone and this shall motivate you to face the next impossible task.

Build your A – Team - Don’t stick to your known circle. Go and meet new people, unknown people. This process will make you a solid team player who can leverage everyone’s strength.

HARDWORK!! No Shortcuts - Start working hard and start plotting your working hours in a note pad. Clock your high energy hours and low energy hours, once you have it in front of you, it is easier to decide when to peak the hardwork and when to chill and do no-brainers but essential stuff.

Get a Mentor - I am a strong believer in the power of a mentor. If you don’t have a mentor, find someone with whom you can discuss about your life/growth/problems. Talking and discussing leads to multiple and best possible solutions.

Whatever little success I have achieved is because I learned from the most-learned people in the world and still do.

Go learn and grow.

Love & Respect,

Nikhil Singh


India Centre for Global Excellence

International Skills Centre India

Think HR India

Source - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/lessons-from-my-favourite-podcasts-how-make-2020-best-nikhil-singh/

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Fast-Track Your Success Through The Right Mentor!

I have had a very interesting journey with Mentoring in my life. From my school days, through my college days and even today I have been privileged to have a number of good mentors. My father, private tutors, college buddies and corporate colleagues are just some of them. They have not only taught me what is important for me, but have also helped me through my journey of self-discovery.

Now-a-days, because of social media and in my quest to unlock the true human potential, I have been exposed to the best possible mentors available today. As of now, I have one mentor whom I know personally and three virtual mentors whom I interact with through social media.

My mentors have played a significant role in making me who I am today and helping in what I have achieved till now. They impact my thinking, help me in forming the right work habits, guide me in taking appropriate decisions, keeping long term perspective in mind.

Interestingly, I have always been bombarded by questions around Mentors by so many of my friends, colleagues, students. Some of the common statements/queries are:
  • Do I need a mentor in my life?
  • What will be the role of a Mentor?
  • I can’t trust anyone/I can’t share my personal life with anyone but I need a mentor. What should I do?
  • How to find a mentor?
  • I don’t share everything with my mom/dad, how can I share it with a stranger?

First, let me share a few examples throughout history about great people who found the right mentor for themselves:
  • Oprah Winfrey of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ fame was mentored by celebrated author and poet, the late Maya Angelou.
  • Former Apple Inc. CEO the late Steve Jobs served as a mentor to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 
  • Fashion designer Christian Dior mentored fellow haute couture designer Yves St. Laurent. 
  • Mother Teresa led a remarkable and revered life, but may not have achieved all that she did if it weren’t for her mentor, Father Michael van der Peet.  
  • Vikram Sarabhai was the mentor to one of the legend from India Hon’able ex-President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Arjuna and Karna both were great warriors but Arjuna had Lord Krishna as mentor. Rest is very well known history.
  • Gopal Krishna Gokhale was Mahatama Gandhi’s mentor.
 Mentors are mentors because they are specialists in their respective field. To choose your mentor you must consider their type and level of expertise. Mentors can be divided into following categories:

a) Subject Matter Expert Mentors (specialises in your job/field) – These mentors can guide you in doing your job better and can help you build a solid foundation for your career.

b) Life Coach Mentors – These mentors can help you live a fulfilling life. They can coach you on the meaning of life and how to live it fully.

c) Industry Mentors – These mentors can guide you in making right decisions about your specific industries, how to manage your career in these industries, how to upgrade your self in keeping up with the changes any industry is facing etc.

d) Technology Mentors – These mentors can help by training you directly or may suggest you to get trainings in your current jobs and can also suggest you futuristic trainings around technology.

You must also look for following competencies in your mentor:
  •  Energetic
  •  Passionate
  • Good listener
  • Ready to help you

Let me demystify the process of finding the most appropriate mentor for yourself:

# 1st Step - Stop Getting Scared – Don’t be scared to get a mentor for yourself. Be bold, be fearless and be demanding of yourself. To achieve the extraordinary, you need to step out of your comfort zone. If you don’t find your mentor to be helpful, do not pursue that path. Find a new mentor.

# 2nd Step - Identify the Right Mentor specialist – Talk to yourself, write it down and analyse which skill set/competency you want to strengthen, where you would need help from the mentor.

# 3rd Step - Search – Search with abundant mentality. Search everywhere, talk to people, connect with your connection’s contacts, google about your specialist.

# 4th Step - Approach – Identify at least 2 mentors and approach both of them together. Book a meeting, talk to them about your expectations, why you need him/her, ask if he/she is ready to become your mentor, discuss all the important terms and conditions. You must discuss each and every point.

The ultimate benefit of having a  mentor would be that your mentor would keep you focused on your goals. Mentors are disciplinarians and will create the necessary boundaries which we cannot set for ourselves. He/she will not allow you to get distracted and be off course.

In Mark Zuckerberg’s own words: “Bill Gates has always been a mentor and inspiration for me even before I knew him. Growing up, I admired how Microsoft was mission-focused”.

Live a Focused Life.

Live a Great Life.

Love & Respect

Nikhil Singh


India Centre for Global Excellence

International Skills Centre India

Think HR India

Source - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/fast-track-your-success-through-right-mentor-nikhil-singh/

Monday, March 2, 2020

How to Manage Your Time rather than Cribbing about how less it is!

It is a dichotomy that New Generation Technology has been developed to serve the need of humans but still most of us end our day with so many pending tasks for the next day. Ideally, New Generation Technology should help us manage our work efficiently and leave us with more free time. Yet, when I look around, I realize that everyone has less time in a day, everyone is working more but is still not able to finish the tasks at hand.

I really wonder if this technology is there to help us or is it providing nutrition to our hunger to achieve more, which is depriving us of ever deficient time? Is it possible that our desire to finish more has increased due to upgraded technology? Can’t really answer this question without enough research, however the reality remains the same that almost every person I meet is grappling with the issue of shortage of TIME, always under pressure of leaving tasks unaccomplished.
We need to find the right answers to the biggest problem homo sapiens are facing in today’s era.

Let us mull over some of the possible ways to manage time to lead a fulfilling life:

1. Do Not Miss the Big picture – You need to have non – negotiables in your life which you will not give up in spite of how long the list is of your pending tasks. For example: Find time to exercise daily, put daily effort to upgrade your skill/s that ought to help you do your thing / job/ task at hand, find time to unwind every week by doing simple things such as going for a movie or on a date or a simple meet up with an old friend or meeting your parents etc. DO NOT negotiate with your non- negotiables.

2. Get comfortable with an Uncomfortable Zone – Build a vision to sleep less. I have personally observed and experienced that 5 hours sleep gives me sufficient energy for a long day. Therefore, you need to trust me when I say that 5 to 6 hours sleep is enough for everyone until you are being instructed to sleep more due to medical reasons. You may like to sleep extra on weekends. If you can find even two extra hours in the morning, you will be able to finish lot of pending tasks.

3. Do you have Grit & Determination? - As per the 2018 study by MIT’s Department of Brain & Cognitive Science, habits may form familiar neural pathways which makes it more difficult to break the pattern of behavior. Our brain retains a memory of the habit context, and this habit can be triggered if the habit cues come back. For example, if you want to reduce weight, just the sight of a yummy chocolate can reset all good intentions.

Therefore, you need to have a very strong resolve to change past habits which stop you from achieving your full potential. So, whether you want to wake up early and squeeze in a couple of productive hours, or want to work those extra hours in the evening from 7pm to 10 pm or want to hustle more for passive  income during weekends, you need to have a very strong grit and determination to break patterns and develop new ones. Determination will help you in taking tough decisions to remove unnecessary tasks/habits from your daily routine. It will free your time from the shackles of mundane tasks.

4. To-Do List – Innocuous yet immensely POWERFUL!

a) It sounds simple but I have seen people failing to follow their To-Do list within a week

b) Most of us may not know how to make a To-Do List therefore point a) happens.

Let’s understand the right process of making a To-Do List. You need to make two excel sheets. 1stExcel Sheet would have all the pending tasks as per the priorities assigned to them.

2ndExcel Sheet would have hour-wise/ day wise weekly plan. You need to assign which tasks will go to which day of the week.

Every day, you will work on both sheets and edit the assigned tasks as per the current progress. By working with two sheets, you will be able to control your pending To-Do List. The challenge with one single sheet is that it gets too long, scary and unending and with 2 the moment you complete the tasks of a day / hour simply delete them and start afresh daily with a list which is definitely going to get shorter because you are accomplishing by the hour.

5. Identify your Time Wasters – Lot of us may not realize the reality that we don’t have sufficient time even when we are always conscious about how we spend our time daily. The fact of the matter is our inability to identify time wasters. Time wasters are those activities which do not add any value to one’s current or long-term vision yet we end up doing them anyways.

For example, when you speak to your friends/colleagues during working hours, you may feel you are taking a short break or unwinding yourself during a heavy day. How-ever it breaks your high-level concentration from an important piece of work you might be doing. Same work might take extra time due to lack of concentrated efforts. Lot of organizations collect personal mobiles during working hours from their employees. It might sound weird in Indian context but when you realize the benefit, you would be compelled to give it a serious thought. Even schools are doing it as they want undivided, undistracted attention of their pupils for better learning. Only if one could pick one’s personal calls beyond office hours, it would definitely help in saving up your time and help in finishing more tasks.

6. Power of Consultation – This is actually my all-time favorite. You might often dismiss the power of having a deep professional conversation with your mentor/ friend about the issues you are facing with respect to time. All of us experience limited time and if you don’t find time to discuss how to use it effectively then I’d be curious to know what else could be more important in your life than time itself?

At least once in two months, take out time and discuss about your time management with your Mentor/ Teacher/ Guru. Just having a discussion will help you understand the problem deeply. Obviously when you get an outside-in view of your situation from your mentor, you will be able to find solutions beyond your imagination. You will be able to plan your life better when you realize the power of utilizing effective time.

7. Live 3 Mini Days in a Day  – I recently learnt the power of having 3-mini-days in one single day. After implementing it personally, I have started seeing the benefit of these 3-mini-days concept.

 So let us see how does one divide our day into 3-mini-days:

1stDay – 6 am to 10 am.

2ndDay – 10am to 4 pm.

3rdDay – 4pm to 10 pm.

Segregate your daily tasks into these 3-mini-days and you will be surprised to experience that the number of finished tasks is much more than the tasks finished in one day. You need to try it to believe it.

In the end, my friends, I would like to close by quoting a simple yet meaningful quote by Belle De Jour about time which goes as “Your Time is Limited. Some opportunities Never Repeat Themselves.”

Love & Respect

Nikhil Singh


India Centre for Global Excellence

International Skills Centre India

Think HR India

Source - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-manage-your-time-rather-than-cribbing-less-nikhil-singh/

Sunday, March 1, 2020

New Generation Skills - Guide to survival in the future

You may have heard of Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection or “survival of the fittest”. Even Science states that one needs to continuously evolve and change themselves in order to survive. Only those people will survive in the uncertain future who posses these skills and change themselves according to the changes.

In order to make a nation successful, we need to ensure that we are teaching the right things and training our students with right skill sets. These subjects and skills are very useful to our students when they enter adulthood. The value system, habits and rituals then become the backbone for a successful economy, which leads to a successful nation. Therefore, what we teach at school and college becomes the most important decision for the nation.

To understand the need, FICCI & NASSACOM jointly commissioned a study namely ‘Future of Skills and Jobs in India’. The report states that in the future there will be jobs, which do not exist today. Approximately 9% of the manpower will be deployed in such jobs.

By 2022, 37% of the workforce needs to have a completely different skill set than the one we possess today. Globalization, Internet technologies and Artificial Intelligence will eventually create a demand, which can not be fulfilled by the curriculums which are being taught at Schools and Colleges today or even at the post graduation level. Industries are currently facing a huge gap in finding the right trainers to make their students future ready.

Because our regular and work lives are swept by waves of change, what can we do to prepare our successors and ourselves for this as an individual who is working in the corporate world or a student studying in a school/college? These are the skills that you would require:

1. Desire to Learn – With such an uncertain future, a person who has a genuine love for learning will survive. You need to develop a learning mindset, which means having a continuous hunger to learn new skills in your area.

2. Love for Goal Achievement – People are often successful when they set and achieve goals. We need to learn multiple skills and upgrade them continuously.

3. Capability to understand the problem – Problems can only be solved when we understand the issue completely. Therefore, we would require capabilities to cut the complex problem into small pieces, which can help us in taking suitable decisions.

4. Digital Literacy – If a person is considered to be digitally literate, that person will possess a range of digital skills, application abilities, skills and knowledge of the basic principles of the device they are using. The individual will have the ability to engage in various online communities and networks, adhere to the behavior protocols of that community, and will be able to find, capture, and evaluate any information.

5. Ability to collaborate – This skill is essential because the changes would be so fast and major that not every one will become an expert in everything. You will need help to get your work done by utilizing skills that others possess.

6. Evaluate the accuracy of information – With such large amount of information generated everyday, we may not be able to retain it accurately. We would have to find the accurate information and use critical analysis while assessing the new information.

7. Accepting Mindset – All of us are global citizens even though we have different cultures, habits and rituals. Only those of us would survive in the future who would welcome every individual with open arms and an open mindset. We would need to accept everyone as who they are.

The time has come when no one can afford to “rest on one’s laurels” but continuously evolve themselves using these skills.

The person who dares to change and learns to embrace it will win.

Nikhil Singh

Life Skill Resources

Think HR India

Source - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-generation-skills-guide-survival-future-nikhil-singh/

Sunday, February 23, 2020


Ever wondered why we don’t succeed even if we want it so bad?

Man has been working for thousands of years. Mankind has been living comfortably because of the work it has done. Our life primarily revolves around work. We work:

- to earn money

- to develop skills

- to pass time

- to ensure that business survives

Even when we know why we work, even when we know that we need to work to have any relevance or meaning of this life. Sometimes we may not succeed as much as we would like to. The prime questions that need to be answered are:

Do we know “how to succeed”?

Have we been trained to succeed?

Do we know what it takes to succeed?

A mere intention of succeeding…. Is it sufficient?

We may or may not have the answer. However one thing is very clear that to succeed we need a winner’s mindset.  Let’s understand that who are winners and how do they think?

Winners always look at the tangible items like goals, direction, work, and education. On the other hand Losers will always hide behind intangible items like situations, circumstances, bad luck, talent etc.

Winners stay true to their commitment. They don’t quit.

When we are being asked to do any new task which we have never done earlier, most of us only TRY because it is beyond our Comfort Zone. We only TRY….

While TRYING…. the minute it gets harder or it takes longer than our expectations, what are the first thoughts that comes to our mind…..”Oh man it’s hard”…”it will take forever”…”it’s not meant for me”…..And once our mind convinces us ….. we move on to a new task.

When faced with difficult task, we don’t push ourselves hard enough. And I have found the reason. The reason is that we don’t like failure is because we hate not accomplishing the same task again & again.

We don’t like to work hard consistently with failures. We actually hate failures. Since we don’t like to fail repeatedly, we just try once or twice and leave it if we don’t succeed.

Most people repeat this cycle over & over again in their life. They get used to this escapist behavior that they forget what is the meaning of ‘True Commitment’ to the task in hand. They end up becoming great at nothing.

Whereas the actual Magic will happen only when we learn not to quit. Take task head-on.

My experience of working closely with successful people tells me that Winners ask for help!

Winners have a unique mentality. They don’t feel small in asking for solutions to their problems and for help. Winners think very differently. For them achieving the goal is the prime focus. They work hard, they try to explore all the options available, and they don’t live by set rules and routines. They become extremely flexible due to this. For them, all roads lead to their goals.

If you want to become the winner, you have to quit quitting when it starts to hurt. In the beginning, it will hurt, you will get demotivated and frustrated and would always want to give up. But, when you become unyielding, the magic begins. It is at this point of time the journey becomes exciting because you are closer to your goal.

But, I can’t forget to remind that it is very difficult to become a winner in a short period of time. It takes time to climb up to the top of the pinnacle. So, be ready to forget instant gratification. You need to understand that you are running a marathon & not a sprint. It’s important to remember that this will help you in developing persistent mindset.

Anyone can start something but very few will actually finish it. Remember that when you start a marathon, you will meet a huge crowd. But, when you finish the marathon, the crowd ceases to exist, as only the winners are able to survive the marathon. Therefore, you must finish what you start.

In real life, peoples’ priorities keep on changing. So if there were a hundred people around you when you started, there would be a very few people left when you actually succeeded. Therefore, keep on enhancing your experience by completing your tasks. If you do this, you will become a solid person with a winner’s mindset.

It’s the advantage you will always have!!

You will become valuable!!

 Beginners are many but Enders are few. In this challenging time…. ‘ Finishers Wanted’

Nikhil Singh

Think HR India

Source - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/finishers-wanted-nikhil-singh/

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