At work I have observed that some of my employees are inspired & some are not. Even you can tell the same of your workplace. Also when I am training or coaching, I have often noticed that not all trainees whether professionals or students are truly inspired on daily basis.

Recently, social networking site for professionals ‘LinkedIn’ launched a survey on ‘Inspiration Index’. In this survey they asked members to chime on how inspired they are. 3200 participants responded females under age 29 seems less inspired then their male peers. However Females older than 65 feels more inspired then men.

Time & again all researches have established that inspired people tend to produce higher productivity & lead a fulfilling life. Therefore it’s important to stay inspired or motivated to have a productive day.
In my fight to find an answer I started asking lot of questions to lot of people. One common trait I found which helps people to get inspired… stay inspired….. to lead a great life is when they are in ‘Leadership Zone’ or in other words behaving like a leader. Leadership can mean different thing to different people. Therefore I am presenting you some of the inspiring elements of leadership, which can help you stay in Leadership Zone daily. Next time you are down or not feeling like giving your 100% to the task, try keeping these inspiring elements of leadership in mind.

1. Leaders behave – What ever is your state of mind, you must exhibit behavior (if required forcefully) that is inspiring for your self or for others. For example you don’t want to leave your bed for morning run, if you are a true leader then you must get up & move out of your home. One of the tricks I have learned to kick my inspiration level to new high is to train my staff or colleagues to stay motivated on that particular day. You can kill two birds with one stone, not only you motivate your staff …in the entire process you end up motivating yourself also.

2. World will not move until you move – Thinking like a leader will not make you a leader. You will have to move out of your, you will have to work, you will have to work your pending & new tasks every day, every hour. Work will not progress automatically if you don’t push. Therefore come what may, you have to work daily.

3. Victim Mindset Vs. Gratitude Mindset– If you start your day with what is not there in your life then you won’t be able to inspire yourself, you won’t be able to produce significant results. Having a gratitude mindset to be leader is a must. Thank god/parents/situations for the current resources you have to impact the world. Meet a less fortunate person then you & would understand. Remember you just need right mindset to make a dent in the universe.

4. Learn More to Impact More – Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee or a student, you can’t ignore the fact that world is changing fast. Companies & employees are fading faster because of one single dominant reason that is their inability to acquire new skills. Take this seriously guys. Leaders are not born but are made. Leaders are made when they outperform the efforts to prepare & when they outperform the efforts to learn. So learn & acquire new age skills.

5. Being Busy is not equal to higher productivity – On an average 3 hours is being spent daily on mobile phone by users across the globe. 90% of the time spent on mobile is on various apps, out of which only 4% apps are related to enhancing productivity. Therefore being busy may not lead to higher productivity. You have to stay alert and keep on checking the time spent on activities, which are adversely impacting the productivity of self. Erase such activities from your schedule.

6. Leaders create Leaders – It’s the ultimate responsibility of a leader to produce more leaders. It means more time is being invested to inspire & train people to perform their best & live their best lives. More inspiring leaders means more success which means better world.
It’s the cycle that starts with You!

My sincere prayer for You to stay inspired & produce more inspiring Leaders like You.

Stay Blessed.

Nikhil Singh

Think Hr India

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