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Ever wondered why we don’t succeed even if we want it so bad?

Man has been working for thousands of years. Mankind has been living comfortably because of the work it has done. Our life primarily revolves around work. We work:

- to earn money

- to develop skills

- to pass time

- to ensure that business survives

Even when we know why we work, even when we know that we need to work to have any relevance or meaning of this life. Sometimes we may not succeed as much as we would like to. The prime questions that need to be answered are:

Do we know “how to succeed”?

Have we been trained to succeed?

Do we know what it takes to succeed?

A mere intention of succeeding…. Is it sufficient?

We may or may not have the answer. However one thing is very clear that to succeed we need a winner’s mindset.  Let’s understand that who are winners and how do they think?

Winners always look at the tangible items like goals, direction, work, and education. On the other hand Losers will always hide behind intangible items like situations, circumstances, bad luck, talent etc.

Winners stay true to their commitment. They don’t quit.

When we are being asked to do any new task which we have never done earlier, most of us only TRY because it is beyond our Comfort Zone. We only TRY….

While TRYING…. the minute it gets harder or it takes longer than our expectations, what are the first thoughts that comes to our mind…..”Oh man it’s hard”…”it will take forever”…”it’s not meant for me”…..And once our mind convinces us ….. we move on to a new task.

When faced with difficult task, we don’t push ourselves hard enough. And I have found the reason. The reason is that we don’t like failure is because we hate not accomplishing the same task again & again.

We don’t like to work hard consistently with failures. We actually hate failures. Since we don’t like to fail repeatedly, we just try once or twice and leave it if we don’t succeed.

Most people repeat this cycle over & over again in their life. They get used to this escapist behavior that they forget what is the meaning of ‘True Commitment’ to the task in hand. They end up becoming great at nothing.

Whereas the actual Magic will happen only when we learn not to quit. Take task head-on.

My experience of working closely with successful people tells me that Winners ask for help!

Winners have a unique mentality. They don’t feel small in asking for solutions to their problems and for help. Winners think very differently. For them achieving the goal is the prime focus. They work hard, they try to explore all the options available, and they don’t live by set rules and routines. They become extremely flexible due to this. For them, all roads lead to their goals.

If you want to become the winner, you have to quit quitting when it starts to hurt. In the beginning, it will hurt, you will get demotivated and frustrated and would always want to give up. But, when you become unyielding, the magic begins. It is at this point of time the journey becomes exciting because you are closer to your goal.

But, I can’t forget to remind that it is very difficult to become a winner in a short period of time. It takes time to climb up to the top of the pinnacle. So, be ready to forget instant gratification. You need to understand that you are running a marathon & not a sprint. It’s important to remember that this will help you in developing persistent mindset.

Anyone can start something but very few will actually finish it. Remember that when you start a marathon, you will meet a huge crowd. But, when you finish the marathon, the crowd ceases to exist, as only the winners are able to survive the marathon. Therefore, you must finish what you start.

In real life, peoples’ priorities keep on changing. So if there were a hundred people around you when you started, there would be a very few people left when you actually succeeded. Therefore, keep on enhancing your experience by completing your tasks. If you do this, you will become a solid person with a winner’s mindset.

It’s the advantage you will always have!!

You will become valuable!!

 Beginners are many but Enders are few. In this challenging time…. ‘ Finishers Wanted’

Nikhil Singh

Think HR India

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