Sunday, March 1, 2020

New Generation Skills - Guide to survival in the future

You may have heard of Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection or “survival of the fittest”. Even Science states that one needs to continuously evolve and change themselves in order to survive. Only those people will survive in the uncertain future who posses these skills and change themselves according to the changes.

In order to make a nation successful, we need to ensure that we are teaching the right things and training our students with right skill sets. These subjects and skills are very useful to our students when they enter adulthood. The value system, habits and rituals then become the backbone for a successful economy, which leads to a successful nation. Therefore, what we teach at school and college becomes the most important decision for the nation.

To understand the need, FICCI & NASSACOM jointly commissioned a study namely ‘Future of Skills and Jobs in India’. The report states that in the future there will be jobs, which do not exist today. Approximately 9% of the manpower will be deployed in such jobs.

By 2022, 37% of the workforce needs to have a completely different skill set than the one we possess today. Globalization, Internet technologies and Artificial Intelligence will eventually create a demand, which can not be fulfilled by the curriculums which are being taught at Schools and Colleges today or even at the post graduation level. Industries are currently facing a huge gap in finding the right trainers to make their students future ready.

Because our regular and work lives are swept by waves of change, what can we do to prepare our successors and ourselves for this as an individual who is working in the corporate world or a student studying in a school/college? These are the skills that you would require:

1. Desire to Learn – With such an uncertain future, a person who has a genuine love for learning will survive. You need to develop a learning mindset, which means having a continuous hunger to learn new skills in your area.

2. Love for Goal Achievement – People are often successful when they set and achieve goals. We need to learn multiple skills and upgrade them continuously.

3. Capability to understand the problem – Problems can only be solved when we understand the issue completely. Therefore, we would require capabilities to cut the complex problem into small pieces, which can help us in taking suitable decisions.

4. Digital Literacy – If a person is considered to be digitally literate, that person will possess a range of digital skills, application abilities, skills and knowledge of the basic principles of the device they are using. The individual will have the ability to engage in various online communities and networks, adhere to the behavior protocols of that community, and will be able to find, capture, and evaluate any information.

5. Ability to collaborate – This skill is essential because the changes would be so fast and major that not every one will become an expert in everything. You will need help to get your work done by utilizing skills that others possess.

6. Evaluate the accuracy of information – With such large amount of information generated everyday, we may not be able to retain it accurately. We would have to find the accurate information and use critical analysis while assessing the new information.

7. Accepting Mindset – All of us are global citizens even though we have different cultures, habits and rituals. Only those of us would survive in the future who would welcome every individual with open arms and an open mindset. We would need to accept everyone as who they are.

The time has come when no one can afford to “rest on one’s laurels” but continuously evolve themselves using these skills.

The person who dares to change and learns to embrace it will win.

Nikhil Singh

Life Skill Resources

Think HR India

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