Monday, March 16, 2020

Lessons from My Favourite Podcasts: How to Make 2020 the Best Year of Your Life

Early morning! My Favourite time of the day when I go for a walk or a run or a workout at the gym. I feel blessed to be alive. I am full of gratitude as I am able to invest my time in activities that I enjoy.

Every day, I start my routine with a Podcast. Daily morning dose of podcasts fill me with:
  • A big desire to achieve my full potential and Pushes me to go that extra mile
  • A deep sense of gratitude for the life wherein I feel like helping others without any expectations
  • A high level of motivation to work hard on my physical and mental health
Therefore, morning time is a blessed time for me.

My journey of learning from podcasts started 4 years back. It has changed my perspective for the way to live life, thinking pattern and level of optimism. Since I have learned so much from so many of my virtual Mentors, I consider it my duty to share some of my learning with all of you.

After listening to and analysing the common characteristics, I learnt that all my virtual mentors are:

-  Visionary – They have a vision. They know where to land in the end. They don’t negotiate with their vision and goals. I strongly believe that their vision actually provides them continuous supply of energy at all times. Their vision helps them to consistently navigate despite so many distractions.

-  In Love with their failures – You may not believe it when I tell you that all of them love their failures. They love failures (I could not understand for first few years why?). They strongly believe that if they are failing it means they are going in the right direction. Failure provides fuel to hard work. It provides impetus for a strong emotion for their cause.

- Stretching beyond their comfort zone – They are the most aggressive learners. Every day, they learn new things which may or may not help them. But definitely it helps them in broadening their perspective. They are not afraid of wasting time in learning things which may not help them in the short term. Learning new things help them expanding their comfort zone and help them in getting comfortable in new situations (uncomfortable zone).

-  Straight Shooters – These guys are blunt. My virtual mentors talk straight forward. They have lot of clarity and they trust their thinking process. In order to save time, they shoot straight. For them time is money.

-  Good team players – These guys respect their team members. They strongly believe in team work. Their ability to be working with others is much higher than a normal person.

-  Workaholics – I don’t know if I am correct in giving them this title. Actually, their vision excites them so much that most of them are thinking about their work 24x7. When you think hard enough, you are bound to get multiple solutions and most of the time better solutions. I have observed this process closely because of my close association with Japanese people.

Each and every point I have mentioned is so close to my heart and to my thought process. I wish if I could train every-one around me on the mindset/thought process I have mentioned above.

Don’t worry if you are a 50 year old executive or someone who has just started your career, don’t worry if you are a student or a budding entrepreneur. If you can start focusing your thoughts in the right direction, one day you will achieve what you are looking for what you desire.

Baby Steps to embark on one’s journey of success in 2020 and beyond-

Envision your future -  I would suggest, sit with your mentor or a person you admire and work out a goal post for yourself.

Get an invisible cloak of fearlessness - Face situations which will bring out your version of Dr. Strange’s cape - which can only happen when you stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone and this shall motivate you to face the next impossible task.

Build your A – Team - Don’t stick to your known circle. Go and meet new people, unknown people. This process will make you a solid team player who can leverage everyone’s strength.

HARDWORK!! No Shortcuts - Start working hard and start plotting your working hours in a note pad. Clock your high energy hours and low energy hours, once you have it in front of you, it is easier to decide when to peak the hardwork and when to chill and do no-brainers but essential stuff.

Get a Mentor - I am a strong believer in the power of a mentor. If you don’t have a mentor, find someone with whom you can discuss about your life/growth/problems. Talking and discussing leads to multiple and best possible solutions.

Whatever little success I have achieved is because I learned from the most-learned people in the world and still do.

Go learn and grow.

Love & Respect,

Nikhil Singh


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